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Vision, Mission, and Purposes

The Vision of Consumerism Commentary shall be to exist in a world where people live fulfilling and financially stable lives.

The Mission of Consumerism Commentary shall be to develop financially literate, capable, and successful human beings by sharing educational, entertaining, and engaging writing.

The Original Purpose of Consumerism Commentary shall be to hold myself accountable for my finances and my decisions.

The Five Purposes of Consumerism Commentary shall be

  • to encourage consumers to step back from the automatic and think about their choices;
  • to develop in readers a desire to improve their finances;
  • to support financially sound practices for the home and workplace;
  • to foster independent, secure, and free financial lives; and
  • to instill in all people a drive for excellence.

Consumerism Commentary is a personal finance blog. The writers are not necessarily financial professionals, so readers should not make any important decisions based on the information published here alone. If you want specific, personalized financial advice, seek a trained financial adviser.

A brief history

Luke Landes created Consumerism Commentary in 2003 in order to hold himself accountable for the state and progress of his own finances. “Although I had a rocky experience with my money following my undergraduate studies, by the time I started this blog I was on the path to being in decent financial shape. In order to take the next step, I believed starting a blog would help. My plan was to regularly publish my account balances and spending information so I could publicly track them over time and perhaps gain support from readers.”

Today, Luke is back on his feet financially and his blog is one of the leaders of the now burgeoning financial blog community. Consumerism Commentary offers tips and reviews of financial products such as the best savings accounts and credit cards. Above all, it provides a community for individuals interested in improving their own finances.

Luke’s commentary on personal finance is often cited in major publications and columnists and authors frequently seek his opinions.

Mainstream media and other popular online publications have featured stories about Consumerism Commentary. Notable mentions include the Wall Street Journal twice, Yahoo’s Ten Money Blogs Everyone Should Read, Money Magazine’s Best Web Sites, in addition to a number of others. Consumerism Commentary was featured in BusinessWeek Online and was named in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine as a Must-Read Blog.