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Excel Template for Net Worth Report (Balance Sheet)

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template2.jpgThe way I create my personal balance sheet is similar to the process I just described for my income and expense report. I export a net worth report from Quicken, customized to include all my accounts through the end of the reporting month, and import the data into Excel. My personal template is linked directly to this export file, but I’ve included a blank template here for anyone’s use.

The first column of data in the attached file is for the beginning of year (2004) balances. The columns continue monthly through the end of 2006. The last few columns create percentages to notate the growth from the prior month and prior year, but the cell references must be updated manually.

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When I post my reports, I hide all unnecessary columns so the most important data fit easily within the blog, copy the cell range, paste into PhotoShop, and save the file as a graphic.

Here is the Excel template: Net Worth Template.xls.

Note: These reports are designed, like business financial reports, to reflect the ending balance of the period that is in the particular column’s heading. That means your “Jan 2006” account balances should reflect what you have at the end of the final day of the month of January 2006.

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Sarah Kong Kue says:

Sarah Kong Kue approved Processing for the amount is $771.00 the SSI.

Anonymous says:

Can you share how you”link” the personal net worth template to the exported quicken file.

Anonymous says:

I am having trouble downloading the Net Worth template.. does it still exist?

Anonymous says:


I am looking for a complete set of Financial Management reports, can you help please

Anonymous says:

I like the report. Can you use the info to create a graph over time similar to the graph in Quicken?

Anonymous says:

you make this extremely dificult

I am not looking for a visual I need a quick Excel download

Anonymous says:

This is fantastic – I’m always looking for the best excels out there for budgeting and net worth calculations.THX

Anonymous says:

Doh, some kind of forum wizzardry screwed up my post. The thing to add to the end of the formula is: “SIGN ( AH41 )” it should be the sign of the first number you are subtracting from, NOT the number you are dividing by.

Hopefully that displays correctly this time.

Anonymous says:

I graduated college recently and have a negative net worth that is getting less negative now that I have a job. In your sheet, my net worth change is incorrectly reported as negative. To fix this, I changed the formula from =(AH41-AG41)/AG4 to: =(AH41-AG41)/AG41*SIGN(AH41). This will work even when going from a negative net worth to positive, which will hopefully be soon.

Anonymous says:

Flexo, just wanted to say thanks for sharing this. I’ve started using it to track my own networth and it really makes it easy to see the difference a small change can make and how to better plan your financial future.

Anonymous says:

Do you have an updated net worth report for excel?

Luke Landes says:

Thanks for pointing that out, Harold. I fixed the link above and you should be able to download the file now.

Anonymous says:

I can not retrieve this one. I get the following “Error 404 – Not Found”.