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Gabi Review: Home and Car Insurance, Seriously Simplified?

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Last updated on October 5, 2021

One of the easiest ways to save money each month is to shop around for a better rate on your home and auto insurance. At each renewal, when you shop around, you have the chance to find a lower premium–and reap the savings.

If you’re looking for an easy way to compare insurance rates, you can consider using Gabi, which is designed to offer you several quotes from a variety of insurance providers.

What is Gabi?

Gabi is a tool designed to help you find lower insurance premiums. This is a brokerage tool, and Gabi is licensed in all 50 states. You can use Gabi to compare your current insurance premiums with what’s being offered by other providers. This way, you can see if you’re eligible for savings each month. You can shop for the following coverage using Gabi:

  • Home
  • Auto
  • Renters
  • Umbrella

It’s also possible to shop for landlord insurance using Gabi.

How Gabi Works

Gabi works by first asking for basic information about yourself and your current policy. You answer questions about your current auto insurance company (or let them know you don’t have insurance right now). Then you provide information about yourself, including:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number

Once that’s done, Gabi will text you a code to use to open an account.

At this point, you link to your current insurance account. If you don’t have the ability to link your account, you can send a PDF copy of your most recent declarations page. Your policy declaration page offers a summary of your current premium and coverage.

Once you provide information about your policy, Gabi compares it to other choices and can provide you with up to 20 quotes on policies with top insurance companies. If you can link your insurance account, you can start seeing quotes in as little as two minutes. Uploading a PDF requires manual review, so it can take longer to get quotes.

After you receive your quotes, you’ll have to finalize the policy and you might need to provide additional information, such as your driver’s license or other information needed for a policy. As soon as you get your new policy, you can cancel your old insurance and begin making your new (lower) payments to your new insurance provider.

Gabi Pricing

Gabi is free to use when getting a quote. The company claims that it saves the average user $825 a year. However, the actual premium you end up with depends on a number of factors. For cars and homes, the age of your property matters, as well as the safety features and other information about it.

Realize that your savings might not be as large as advertised. However, because it’s free to use the tool, it can be worthwhile to use Gabi as a way to shop around and find a potential deal.

Give Gabi a Try

Gabi Security

With Gabi, you can feel relatively confident about uploading your information. The company uses SSL encryption and employs best practices when protecting your data, and deciding how it’s accessed.

On top of that, Gabi promises not to sell your information to others. While you can get matched up with different insurance providers, Gabi is not a lead generator, so your information remains safe–and you’re unlikely to end up with spam.

Gabi Mobile Support

Gabi does offer an app for iOS. The app is easy to use and you can book a call with an insurance expert through the app. However, some customers have reported that they didn’t receive a call when expected, or claimed that the final savings weren’t as high as originally quoted.

In general, though, the app has a clean interface and is easy to use. You can see your alternatives laid out simply and easily and choose an option that works well for you.

Gabi Customer Service

Most of the complaints about Gabi have to do with the fact that some users don’t get the big savings promised. Some customers complain that the original savings found by Gabi might not hold up after the entire process is completed. However, even with the complaints, there are quite a few five-star reviews.

If you want to connect with Gabi, you can use a variety of methods. Gabi offers online chat and email. Additionally, it’s possible to book a call with a licensed professional.

You can get help throughout the process of choosing a policy, as well as get help figuring out which choice is right for you. When you do have a policy, Gabi can help you reach your own insurance company if you need a claim or other services that Gabi doesn’t provide.

Gabi Pros and Cons


  • Quickly compare several insurance rates: It’s possible to compare different premiums from a number of companies quickly and easily.
  • Access to insurance professionals: Because Gabi is licensed in all 50 states, you can access licensed professionals to help you through the process.
  • Easy to use: It’s very easy to use Gabi and the interface is clean and intuitive.


  • May need to provide additional information: It’s not always as easy as promised with Gabi. You get a quick quote, but you still need to provide more information. Going through the final process after receiving quotes can be cumbersome.
  • Overpromising: You might see an initial quote for savings, but once the insurance company actually reviews you, you might not get that level of savings. Most of the complaints about Gabi have to do with overpromising on savings.

The Pros Overcome The Cons? – Give Gabi a Try

Gabi Alternatives

Gabi isn’t the only way to save on insurance. In fact, there are a number of tools that can help you compare rates, including Policygenius, which also offers rate comparisons. Some major insurers promise to provide you with competitive quotes on top of giving you a rate for their own insurance.

You can also get direct quotes from companies like Esurance, which will provide you with competitive insurance rates.

On top of that, you can go to newer, alternative resources to find quotes on auto or home insurance. While you can’t get an auto quote with Lemonade, it is possible to get homeowners and renters insurance with the company. Lemonade has the added bonus of being a socially responsible company on top of providing insurance.

Another option is to visit with a local insurance broker to see what your options are. If you prefer to sit down and speak with someone face-to-face, you can use a local broker to get an idea of what’s available in your area and they can help you find lower-priced coverage.

Who is Gabi For?

Gabi is designed for those who want a fast, no-nonsense way to compare car and home insurance quotes. It’s great for those who are comfortable with technology and don’t need to sit down and speak with someone face-to-face.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to shop around for property insurance, Gabi can be a great tool. It’s free to use, and you can get quotes from up to 20 providers who might be able to beat your current insurance. At the very least, you can use this tool to find new quotes and then approach your own insurer to see if they will match other quotes.

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