5 Tips for a Frugal Valentine's Day

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Do you want to be romantic and save money? In a world where romanticism is portrayed by the media as the giving of expensive gifts like diamonds, a Lexus, and a tropical vacation, romanticism and frugality are seen as incompatible. Here are some ways to bring the two concepts together in a beautiful marriage of ideas (without the expensive caterers, wedding dress, and relatives).

1. Make your own cards. You don’t have to be a great artist, but some effort can go a long way. Fold a piece of paper in quarters, draw a simple design on the front with no more than two crayons, and write heartfelt words inside (in pen). You’ll be fine, and you’ll avoid the clichéd imagery.

Personally, I can never find cards that express what I feel — they’re either too cheesy or too stupid — so I opt for blank ones anyway.

Chocolate Heart2. Pass over the chocolate. Chocolate (represented by the pictured chocolate heart) is expensive this time of year, especially if you’re a fan of Godiva. Chocolate is such a pleasureful food because its chemicals react with the chemicals in the brain to create a slight euphoria.

Other options that create the same feeling include papaya and other juicy fruit, as well as marijuana. Drugs may not be the most frugal choice, however, depending on your source.

3. Don’t rent pornography. Doing so supports a dangerous industry (and terrorism, of course!). The best alternative is to select your videos for free at your local sex library.

Another option: film your own scene for your private home viewing. It’s more “personal.”

4. Avoid lingerie. Why spend so much money on small pieces of fabric that will quickly be removed from the body anyway? Nudity is much sexier, and doesn’t fund terrorism.

5. Turn off electrical appliances. No television, no lights, nothing that draws power provided by an outside source. Light a candle if you need to see, but otherwise just get in bed and cuddle in the dark… without the aforementioned lingerie.

Note: Don’t feel bad if you are without a partner on this Valentine’s Day. All of the above activites can be accomplished as well, if not better, on your own.

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Anonymous says:

i was out barring it last night, pissed about being single on Valentine’s Day, and I’d run out of money. of course it was right when i realized this that this ridiculously hot girl came into the bar. i got my friend to Obopay me some money he owed me so I could buy her a drink, which turned into several…

…and Valentine’s Day wasn’t so bad after all

Anonymous says:

LOL !! Flexo you are funny.

Your post is hilarious

Anonymous says:

I made my wife a romantic candle-lit dinner, penne with vodka sauce (total for groceries

Anonymous says:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Anonymous says:

Another way to save money on Valentine’s day is to make your g-friend pay her own way. This won’t work on your wife, since she shares your bills, but if you keep it up at this pace, you’ll never have to worry about that anyway ;>

Anonymous says:

The easiest way I have found to be frugal is listen to Valentine’s Day trivia questions on a talkshow and call in to answer. I won a rose dipped in 24K gold.

Luke Landes says:

Lazy Man: Didn’t you know? Support of anything disliked by the majority of the country supports terrorism. (Yeah.. it was sarcasm.. I guess not very good.) The danger is in the way some performers are treated, but that may not be the case so much these days now that porn has been so commercialized and mainstreamed. I wouldn’t know the details. But I think we’re getting too much into the details at this point.

Anonymous says:

What’s the danger in pornography industry and how does it support terrorism? Or is this just sarcasm that I missed?

Luke Landes says:

Chris: I agree! Definitely. The idea here, though, is to be frugal, and that means not wasting time or money. Time to get down to business, and clothing just gets in the way. 🙂

Anonymous says:

RE #4 — Nudity is definitely sexy, and you could say that the result is the same. But imho there is something incredibly hot about not being able to see everything at first. Watching my woman do a slow, sexy striptease, starting from clothes, with lingere underneath, and then finally transitioning to a sensual nude dance seems much more erotic than just stripping off clothes and being naked.