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Chase United Mileage Plus® Signature® Visa Card Review

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The offer you are interested in has expired. Read our review of the United MileagePlus Explorer Card.

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Anonymous says:

This is about 2 Programs and my experiences. United Mileage Plus and/or the Chase Card for United Mileage Plus.

Member of United Mileage Plus for a few years.

True Experiences in the last 3 months
1. Mileage does get credited in a timely fashion.
Ordered flowers from FTD in December 2011. 10 weeks have passed and the 1800 miles have not been applied to the account. Supposed to appear with 6-8 weeks. FTD says they sent the information to United. United says they did not receive it.
2. Mileage does get credited in a timely fashion.
Flew 2 legs of a trip on the same day and only one leg of the trip shows on my account. Called and wrote customer relations and there has been no response.
3. Using Mileage and booking within 21 days of travel costs $80 extra. (Can’t use miles)
4. Most all flights of in US I have found are 50,000 miles round trip. This is contrary to what is told to you in the airports when you are solicited. They tell you 25,000 miles. The people flagging you down in airport do not work for United or Chase, they are hired marketers.
5. If you use your Chase United Mileage Plus car to pay and book the flight you are to receive Priority Boarding. Out of FOUR times checking in online I received it ONE time. When you call to get it fixed you are told to go the agent at the airport and it will be fixed. The agents have given excuses to it’s NOT included to the website it’s not working properly and they can not correct it at the counter. Even when I brought the Chase Offers on the last flight they still could not correct it.
6. Calling United leads to wait times of 30-60 minutes and nothing can be done on the phone.
7. Phone support seems to be offshore and worthless most of the time
8. When United switched to the new website on March 3, 2012 ALL activity is not view able from before Mid February 2012. NOTHING

In my opinion everything one has to do with this program is an uphill battle. The promises are big and the reality of what reality happens does NOT MATCH the offers, promises and hype.

Holder of Chase Credit Card since November 2011.
1. All offers advertised are for 40,000 miles. My offer in the mail was for 60,000 miles
2. Good customer service on the phone.
3. Chase admits United is having problems.
4. Dispute any charge where mileage has not been applied. Let Chase and United work in out.

Anonymous says:

I tried this and unlike any other regular credit where I got drowned in debt due to floating charges, United Mileage Plus, apart from the bonuses, doesn’t charge big, and when you choose to cancel, you don’t have to worry about annual charges, but can still redeem your bonuses! Just great 🙂

Anonymous says:

************REDEEMING FLIGHTS USING MILES WITH THIS CARD IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!******************
I have been a member of this United Mileage Plus card for close to four years and have had to pay the $60 annual fee every year for the “privilege” of using this card. I have tried to redeem my miles five different times. Three times to fly from PA to Alaska, once to fly from PA to Florida, and once to fly from PA to St. Thomas, USVI. All five times I have been unable to reserve any seats as they state they have nothing available!! I have always given them anywhere from three to ten months advanced notice of my flight dates and have been extremely flexable with the days, but they always have nothing available. The only seats that they can offer me are first class but then they will tell me I don’t have enough miles for that! I have over 132,000 miles!!!

Stay away from this card unless you want to continue giving them a $60 fee and never be able to redeem your miles!!!

Anonymous says:

One thing you forgot to mention is the 5,000 mile bonus every anniversary for the Visa select. I don’t know about you, but $35 for 5,000 seems like a steal. Not only that, but double points on groceries is also a plus.

Sometimes its difficult with work and set schedules, but the key is to be flexible with your dates. Try looking at other Star Alliance search engines for the best dates. If you’re savvy enough, 30-35k goes a long way. I’ve booked NYC-LIM LIM-UIO BOG-CLT 30 days in advance for 35K without a problem. That ticket alone is worth at least $600-700+. As always, YMMV.

Anonymous says:

Think twice before you sign up for the mileage plus visa card from United.
THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU SIGN UP FOR UNITED’S MILEAGE PLUS VISA CARD. IT’S NOT AS GOOD AS THEY PROMISED YOU AND IMO. I was offered for 25K miles enough for a round trip ticket anywhere within the US and with no blackout date. Later when I tried to book a ticket, I found out the 25K miles is not enough to book a ticket from San Francisco to NYC. I called United’s customer service and explained my situation. They told me there’s only a very small number of seats available for each flight for booking using the 25K miles. Most of times, they’ll either ask your to redeem more miles or ask if you’re willing to pay part of cash in addition to redeem the miles. In my case, I was asked for 37,500 and 50,000 miles depending on different flights. When I

I recently signed up for this card without knowing the what they since they made a “pretty good” offer – 25K miles enough for a round trip anywhere within the US and no blackout date.

Anonymous says:

No need to pay a fee as long as you cancel the card after it is billed. I have done this 4 times with the Chase United credit card. Every time applied I got the bonus!