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Citi Forward Card for College Students Review

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Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available.

There once was a time where credit card issuers would line up at the campus breezeways, enticing thousands of students to apply for cards by offering gifts to attract their view of the stereotypical college student. Typical incentives included a free duffel bag, tee-shirt, or Frisbee, and with shiny objects in view and no experience with the finance industry, students often didn’t — and don’t — bother to read or understand what they were getting themselves into. Today, however, credit card issuers are prohibited from advertising on college campuses. Students who want to sign up for a credit card must seek out information on their own, and that usually results in online research.

Citi Forward® Card for College StudentsOne of the best college student credit cards available today is the Citi Forward® Card for College Students. Unlike many other cards that blatantly take advantage of young adults with high rates and hidden fees, this card encourages and even rewards good financial behavior. Cardholders can get up to a 2% purchase APR reduction when they make a purchase, stay under the credit limit and pay on time three billing periods in a row, that would work out to be 0.25 percent each quarter a maximum of 8 times. Currently there is a signup offer of 2,500 bonus ThankYou points after spending $500 within the first three months of card membership.

The Citi Forward® Card for College Students offers a 0% introductory APR on purchases for seven months. After the introductory period, purchase APR’s will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate, and is currently between 13.99% to 23.99% variable, depending on the student’s credit history. The card also offers a good rewards program for students that includes one ThankYou point for every dollar spent on purchases.

Citi Forward® Card for College Students does not have an annual fee. No student should ever pay an annual fee for a credit card.

For students looking to sign up for their first credit card, Citi offers a couple of options, including the Citi Forward® Card for College Students. Used responsibly a student credit card can be a way for someone to build credit history. To apply online or read more information, and review the terms and conditions visit the Citi Forward® Card for College Students application.

Article comments

Anonymous says:

The best part to this card is likely unnoticed at first. The 5% back on books. Most cards categorize Amazon as books. This card would make for great for those that do a fair amount of shopping on

Luke Landes says:

If, in fact, is coded as a book seller, that bonus could prove to be valuable indeed.

Anonymous says:

Anyone out there with a Citi Card that can tell us how Amazon purchases are categorized?

My Discover and Chase cards both call Amazon purchases books. The best would be someone with one of the Citi Forward (student or not) Cards that can confirm. I bet all Citi cards classify things the same way.

Anonymous says:

i am almost certain that all transactions from amazon are classified as books. i have the non-student card. this is how it has been, but i have not made a purchase and checked recently.

Anonymous says:

That’s a great idea…