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Cyber Monday and Black Friday

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The four-day weekend has seen consumers spend $45 billion, up from $41.2 billion last year. I contributed to this figure slightly, buying three long-sleeve shirts at good, but hardly impressive, discounts on Saturday. Cyber Monday is an extension of this weekend, having become a bit of a self-fulfilling prophesy as online retailers have grabbed the opportunity for another sales event.

Productivity around the country will likely have faltered today as shoppers take time away from working to surf the internet looking for deals from the office. A few years ago, Cyber Monday was a myth. That is no longer true; for those who are interested in spending, today is a good day to find deals online, whether for your Christmas gift ideas or for yourself.

One of my favorite places for deals today is the Gold Box. While I didn’t have time to keep checking the website, one friend brought my attention to a sale featuring BBC television series on DVD and Blu-Ray. I didn’t take advantage, but if I didn’t already have the latest Doctor Who episodes, I would have taken action.

Did you find any Cyber Monday deals today, or are you still looking? I can’t fault anyone for spending. The most financially secure advice tends to focus on not spending unless you can afford what you’re buying without debt and if the purchase doesn’t sacrifice your future. The occasional holiday gift usually won’t destroy someone’s finances, but I know many people who buy a number of toys for their children that end up piling up in the attic until the next office campaign to solicit new toys for underprivileged children.

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Anonymous says:

My gosh Christmas is the best time of the year.

Anonymous says:

I’ve never found great deals on Cyber Monday in the past but this year was more promising. The biggest purchase I made today was a laptop: great specs, fitted my needs, and at a steep discount. Happy camper 🙂

Anonymous says:

I know what I want, but I am not willing to pay sales tax, and does not have it. I actually suggested the product to them in hopes that they will get it. It is a Vita-Mix 5200 with 48 oz container, in brushed steel finish. Outside of this, I ran into a nifty-looking salt box at the health food store today, but did not want to pay $30+ tax for it. These two things are definitely on my list of potential purchases, though. Anytime I can get the deal I want, but not in November. I track our expenses to the penny, and I’ve gone so nuts in November that I told my husband we can’t buy anything more, because there is no more room to log it in the place I do the tracking. Haha.