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Today is Free Shipping Day, and thousands of online merchants are participating in this movement, offering free or reduced price shipping so customers have an opportunity to receive last-minute orders in time for the holidays. Free Shipping Day was founded by an entrepreneur-couple in December 2007 as a location for finding shipping discounts offered by major brands. Since its launch, the service expanded to Canada and the United Kingdom.

While shopping online is convenient, consumers often pay for that convenience through shipping costs and the delay between ordering an item and receiving the delivery. A benefit of ordering online is that you never need to leave your house, unless you prefer to see an item in person before making your purchasing decision.

Package DeliveryLast night, I ventured outside with the goal of upgrading my cell phone. Verizon Wireless released the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I figured this would be a good opportunity to replace my current, sluggish phone. Due to a car accident, traveling to the store took three times longer than it should have, and the store had no phones in stock by the time I arrived. I did have a chance to try the phone in the store, though. The sales representative offered me an opportunity to order the phone from the store, with no guarantee of when the order would arrive, but the price in the store was higher than the price on the Verizon Wireless website.

I realize that the price of this device would likely go down in just a few weeks, but I’ve been looking to get rid of my current phone for about a year. At least I didn’t need to pay a delivery fee. Verizon Wireless is not a merchant on the list of those participating in Free Shipping Day; this retailer offers free shipping in its normal course of business.

Here are the retailers participating in free shipping day.

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Anonymous says:

thanks for the article flexo, looks like I need to do some shopping on amazon.

Anonymous says:

With Amazon Prime (instead of Netflix) every day is free shipping day. Buying Amazon Prime for the free shipping is just not the same.

Anonymous says:

Just used it today to buy a Christmas present!

Anonymous says:

Good article, I used Free Shipping Day last year and this year. This year there were lots more stores to choose from and it seemed like they were providing more discounts too.