Personal Capital Announces Cryptocurrency BETA Feature

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Last updated on April 26, 2021

Personal Capital, an Empower Company, is an industry-leading digital wealth management platform with more than $1 trillion in linked account value.

As one of the leading fintech companies in the world, it was only a matter of time before Personal Capital dipped its toes into the cryptocurrency water.

And that’s exactly what happened earlier this year.

According to a March 2021 press release, Personal Capital is providing all its customers with the ability to track cryptocurrency via their personal dashboards.

Here’s what Vince Maniago, Vice President of Product Management at Personal Capital, had to say:

“Bitcoin recently hit a $1 trillion market cap and we realize tracking cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly important. By adding these new tracking features, now you can literally see everything on your dashboard. You can track your home value, employee stock options, stock portfolio, other alternative investments, and now your cryptocurrencies.”

Now, instead of tracking cryptocurrency outside of the rest of your portfolio, you can bring it all together within your dashboard.

What to Expect with Cryptocurrency BETA

With the addition of Cryptocurrency BETA, your Personal Capital dashboard is more powerful than ever before.

You can now link and track thousands of tokens across every exchange imaginable, ranging from Bitcoin to Litecoin to Ethereum.

Here are a few additional details related to the release of this feature:

  • All tracking information is pulled from public data, not your personal cryptocurrency wallet.
  • You can manually link your cryptocurrency to your Personal Capital account within a matter of minutes.
  • The feature is in BETA, so you can expect future upgrades.

Personal Capital has long been at the forefront of the personal finance technology space, and the release of Cryptocurrency BETA proves this once again.

With a growing number of Americans investing in some form of cryptocurrency, this feature by Personal Capital is sure to be a big hit in 2021 and beyond.

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