Washington Mutual Increases Interest Rate to 3.75% APY

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Last updated on July 23, 2019 Comments: 7

Starting tomorrow, Washington Mutual is increasing the interest rate offered on its online savings account to 3.75% APY. This jump will put this account on top among the best-known online savings accounts. This is a wide enough margin over ING Direct to convince me to open an account and give it a try even though I’m far from a “rate-chaser.”

I foresee more interest rate increases in the near future.

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Tom says:

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Anonymous says:

I used to hold Wamu in high esteem, but lately I think they’ve gotten greedy. Today I posted about their stingy overdraft protection policy on my blog, The Daily Asker: I recommend choosing another bank and researching the fees before signing up! Even with this nice interest rate, I’d opt for a bank that’s more secure, and less obnoxious.

Anonymous says:

Walked into Wamu 8/12/08 got 4.17% APY 4.25% on 8mo CD/ what the heck. Support them and they might make it. Keep it under a grand and it should go ok…….

Anonymous says:

Did you talk about WaMu, the biggest bank in line to go bankrupt?

Anonymous says:

Ahhh…I got money in this one…VERY happy about this.

And yes, I agree with Flexo: I think that we’ll see some more rate increases in the future. We’ll see ’em slowly but they’ll come.

Luke Landes says:


I noticed that Washington Mutual operations two separate companies, insured separately by FDIC. One WaMu (based in Utah) has a CAEL rating of 1 (best) and the other (based in Nevada) has a rating of 5 (worst). I think overall you and other online account holders should be ok.

Anonymous says:

I have that account. It’s great, though it was earning around 5% when I opened it a year ago. It’s been down at 3.3% lately.

The only thing that concerns me is with all Wamu’s troubles this year and now them raising that rate — it could be a sign they’re in trouble. But as my dad said, “That’s a great deal for them (getting to borrow your money at 3.x%) because no one else is gonna lend to them at such a low rate nowadays.”

But the best thing about Washington Mutual still has to be their color-consciousness! Check out those ads 😀