Your B of A Satire Website Targets Bank of America

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Last updated on July 23, 2019 Comments: 5

The Rainforest Action Network is an environmental non-violent activist organization, working to influence corporations to consider the environment during the course of business. They’ve had Bank of America in their sights in the past, bringing attention to the way the bank puts profits ahead of the health of the communities in which it exists. The organization, with help from other environmental action groups, are planning a significant protest at the Bank of America shareholders’ meeting on May 9.

This organization may also be behind the scathing satirical website, critical of Bank of America, Your B of A. Visitors to this website are greeted by a fake statement from Brian T. Moynihan, the CEO of Bank of America, on their first visit, and are then presented with history of the corporation, the option to create their own “spokesperson” ads, and a facility for offering suggestions to the bank and voting others’ suggestions up or down.

This example spokesperson ad is one of my favorites. The idea is you create an ad that describes what your bank should do.

Your B of A is not your ordinary “Bank of America sucks” website. It many not be perfect, but it’s clear a lot of thought and effort when into the design and planning. As visitors to The Big Picture pointed out, Your B of A is hosted on the same web server as the Rainforest Action Network’s own website. While it’s not clear whether the environmental action group is behind the satire, as the owner of the domain is hidden, the fact that the site resides on the same web server is a decent clue.

Satire of this sophistication has a way of attracting attention from its target, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the site does not stay active for long. It’s worth visiting right away, so you can read the “It’s All Yours” and the “Lessons Learned” sections of the website before everything disappears.

Update: The “Your B of A” website is now offline. It was fun while it lasted.

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Anonymous says:

Wow, that website sure looks legitimate. I agree, I’m sure it will be taken down soon, only because it looks like it IS run by B of A. Wow, how the internet has changed everything when it comes to protesting big business.

Anonymous says:

If that’s true, I hope they at least read all those ads first. Some are really good.

Anonymous says:

Jamie Dimon is the CEO of Chase, not B of A.

Luke Landes says:

Thanks — I must have had Jamie Dimon on my mind, as I have a different article about that CEO in the planning stages.