According to Wells Fargo, My Name is Business Customer

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I chuckled when I received my replacement business debit card in the mail yesterday. Although I never had any problems with my account, and I’ve always received mail from Wells Fargo addressed properly, at some point, someone in the bank decided the name of the owner of my business accounts is “Business Customer.” As Wells Fargo is continuing to update their branding following their purchase of Wachovia, the bank wants to get new cards and documents in the hands of its customers. I know that large banks sometimes see their customers as nothing but numbers, but not much can be considered less personal than the bank referring to one of its patrons as “Business Customer.”

Wells Fargo CardMy Wachovia Visa Business Check Card would have been replaced with a Wells Fargo Visa Business Platinum Debit Card if it weren’t for this strange error. The “Platinum” moniker sounds fancy, but as far as I can tell, there are no features on this card beyond what I had previously, including a debit card form of a “zero liability” policy.

Rather than activating the card listing me as “Business Customer,” I called Wells Fargo’s customer service to have a new card with the correct name shipped to me. Besides waiting on hold for a business representative while my cell phone battery approached its daily little death — I could really use a new phone — the resolution was easy and I should have a new card in about a week. My old Wachovia debit card, which displayed only my business name, not my own name, on its face, will continue to work.

I am a customer of Wells Fargo for almost all of my business banking. Almost all business checks I send are initiated through Wells Fargo’s bill payment website, so I hardly use paper checks. I have not yet found a good Wells Fargo product that offers competitive interest rates for business savings. Most of my business cash is deposited at ING Direct, in a business savings account. I am looking for other options, though; if Vanguard were to offer a free cash management account for businesses with less than a total of $1,000,000 deposited or invested, I’d most likely move everything there to consolidate all business accounts at one location.

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Tom says:

Anybody out there?? I’m just putting som feelers out there to see if there’s anyone interested in making a substantial amount of cash in a short amount of time. Only thing this requires is that you have an active bank account or credit card. No cash is required up front to start with, Which means your account can be on a zero balance and that is completely fine. +1(314) 856 1730, lets talk about the next deal

Anonymous says:

I bet they do, Donna!

Wells Fargo is Flexo’s new best friend. He addresses them as ‘Wells”.

Anonymous says:

If Flexo is Business Customer or ‘Biz’ wouldn’t Wells Fargo be Large Corporation or “L-Corp”

Donna Freedman says:

Do your friends call you “Biz”?

Anonymous says:

Funny, how many others had this problem? No wonder with the generic mailings you get all the time from these big banks

Anonymous says:

I just happen to be one of the reps with Wells Fargo that takes care of this sort of stuff. With 10s of millions of customers converting, I’m amazed that the process has gone as smoothly as it has. Don’t get me wrong – there have been some challenges along the way, but the project managers have performed miracles in getting the data transferred. Consider that neither system had a common platform – if there were data entry errors at Wachovia, they land at Wells Fargo the same way. It’s most likely that the name “business customer” was in an unused field at Wachovia, but that the same field of data was operational at Wells. The biggest challenge has been a lot of the individuals that are just simply sour to the whole idea of conversion. I’m glad we were able to bring over the entire bank instead of letting it get picked apart by other banks, but it’s been a challenge to say the least.

Anonymous says:

Did the customer service representative chuckle when you told him about the name issue?

Luke Landes says:

She seemed unable to understand how it might have happened… but she was apparently able to fix it. Money Beagle’s probably onto something regarding how it happened, but I can’t say if more people were affected….

Anonymous says:

That’s funny. I wonder if it ever occured to them that they somehow acquired accounts for hundreds of thousands of people named ‘Business Customer’. Somebody doing an import didn’t line up the fields correctly from what it sounds like.

Anonymous says:

that is is a giant ‘homer’ moment there if that indeed is what happened. wonder if that lucky individual is still employed?

Anonymous says:

LOL – just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to receive mail addressed to “business owner”.

Anonymous says:


Love that your credit card picture is ceiling cat! 🙂