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United MileagePlus Explorer Card Review

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Last updated on July 23, 2019 Comments: 7

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Anonymous says:

Buyer beware, lots of empty promises. I signed up for the card because I was told if I booked flights for my children they would be entitled to the same benefits, not true. I was also told that I would receive priority boarding. When I used my card for my ticket I was given group 5 and group 7, I could do better on my own. When I wrote United I received a very generic response with an indication I would receive some sort of discout when I booked my next flight, what makes them think I would fly with them.

Anonymous says:

I had the United Plus Visa Card (platinum) which cost $140- a year. It initially came with a 5,000 mile eqm bonus sign up and an additional 5,000 eqm/pqm for the first $5,000- purchase of or United tickets. It has also a 5,000 eqm/pqm bonus if your purchase more than $35,000- during the whole year. It also added a free companion fare each year.
Without notice United/ Chase Visa United. did away with the EQM /PQM program without notice. In fact I once had a letter that nothing will change.
They are now trying to have me convert to the Explorer Card which perks I do not need as I am a 1K person but not for long.

Anonymous says:

I was promised 50,000 miles on first use as a Premier Executive member. They have refused to give me the 50,000 miles. They only gave me 25,000. People be aware of this problem. They refuse to even read the email where it was promised to me.
That is the thanks I get for flying United for years.

Anonymous says:

“While airlines continue to reduce benefits for customers, like free meals, pillows, and checked bags, they are paying more attention to their most frequent fliers and customers of their branded credit cards.” – seems like the only way to get decent treatment and/or value on a flight anymore is to use their credit cards, which creates another income stream for the airlines through interest and fees. And yet they’re still charging customers to check a bag or use a pillow…

Anonymous says:

very true. it is amazing to be how much air travel has “changed” since i took my first trips as a child a few decades ago. fees. fees. and more fees. for everything.

Anonymous says:

I suppose from the corporation’s point of view, it makes good business sense. For me, I look into other alternatives to travel at times. Trains are OK and a bit more relaxing than planes. The stop overs in NYC are not fun though.

Anonymous says:

I just searched a flight to the south. Continential was less expensive than United, but the flights were the same. Reading in this article that they have merged makes sense to me now.

I may look into this card.