Money Clubs?

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Marshall Loeb mentions the popularity of money clubs, akin to the investment clubs of the 1990s.

Much like other sorts of support groups, money clubs offer the unique opportunity of belonging to a group of people with similar desires, who can encourage, inform and brow-beat you as needed.

(This sounds very much like the community of personal financial bloggers.)

Here are some of the more popular money clubs through People interested in personal finance may like to check these out, and maybe some meetups will be in your area:

* Suze Orman Meetup. Meetup to talk about the personal finance philosophy of Suze Orman. Do you have financial freedom? Do you want it? Meet others in your area who are also interested in Orman’s philosophy. (70 members, 20 groups.)

* Your Money Or Your Life Meetup. Meet other local fans and readers of the book, Your Money Or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship With Money & Achieving Financial Independence by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin. Share and discuss your thoughts on the ideas presented in the book. (141 members, 48 groups.)

* Motley Fool Meetup. Meet other Fools to discuss investing, money management, and the always educating, enriching and amusing Fool. (1,416 members, 140 groups.)

* Frugal Living Meetup. Meet other locals who live, or who wish to live, a frugal/simple lifestyle. Discuss techniques and strategies to live more economically! (239 members, 63 groups.)

* Coupons Meetup. Meet other local individuals who love to save money by clipping coupons. (910 members, 161 groups.)

* Investors Business Daily Meetup. Get together with beginning and experienced investors in your neighborhood with IBD Meetup – brought to you by Investor’s Business Daily. While many members follow Investor’s Business Daily’s CAN SLIM investing method, all investors are welcome. You do NOT need to be an IBD subscriber to join! Membership is free. (19,593 members, 444 groups.)

Membership to money clubs should always be free. You shouldn’t have to pay for something that has great, free alternatives.

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Anonymous says:

The rest of you all browbeat each other? I’m outta this racket! 🙂

Anonymous says:

For some reason, I couldn’t help giggling at the thought of a Suze Orman meet-up… lots of people who think that buying a new car is a good deal just because it can be financed at 0%, and that credit cards are an acceptable form of emergency funds… For some reason, I doubt I would get a lot our of that meet-up.

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